HappyFootsie™ Benefits

  • Pain Relief

    Our Toe Corrector will separate & straighten your toes, increasing flexibility while promoting realignment. Relax your feet after a long day of work! One size fits most.

  • Curved Design

    Our unique design conforms to the physiological structure of the foot, avoiding extrusion & promoting blood circulation.  

  • Durable Material

    Soft and safe medical-grade SEBS, our durable Toe Corrector is easy to clean and ultra comfortable to wear.

  • Active Wear Design

    Let our Toe Corrector work while you sleep, watch TV, practice yoga, or even while running errands in your wide toed athletic sneakers!  


At Happy Footsie, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our Toe Correctors are tailored to meet your pain relief needs through our standard shopping practice. Happy Footsie revolves around our commitment to helping you look your best, while inspiring within you the confidence to also feel your best. 

Toe Separators Advantages !

Toe Health

Improve the health of your feet & toes with our life changing Toe Correctors!

Pain Relief

Stretch & separate your toes naturally after a long day of work. Loved especially by those who wear high-heels, or spend all day on their feet.

Best Uses

Enjoy our Toe Correctors while practicing yoga,  gliding through dance class, running around the neighborhood, or even relaxing at bedtime.


They are soft and stretchy. Should fit most size feet. I'm able to wear them walking around the house all day long. May try wearing them at night when in bed as well. Thanks seller for fast shipping.

My hammertoe surgery didn't turn out well (my hammertoe became an overlapping toe) and this spacer is the only thing that keeps my toe in line and relieves the pain from the overlapping toe.

The toe separators are quite thick so you are unable to wear them with shoes. You're best bet it is to put them on in the evening with a pair of socks before you go to bed to get any use out of them.